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Welcome to Les Services Michel Plante


Les Services Michel Plante is, in fact, a company specialized in the computer departments since now nearly 10 years.

Our expertise, in this field, enables us to offer you a most complete service of maintenance :

  • Internet, Intranet, Extranet, VPN Tunner, Remote Desktop
  • Computers, Printers, Scanners, and all peripherals
  • WEB cam (Security), Access System
  • Computer infrastructure management, Softwares (Licences)
  • Installation, Administration, Computers Maintenance

Although we are specialized in the computer maintenance, our customers requests frequently to supply them equipment and software for their uses.

It is mainly the reason for which our site exists in the shape of a WEB store.

This part of the site is opened to general public (Internet).

Have a good time on our little WEB Store! 

Latest Products
Avast PRO - 3yrs
Avast PRO - 3yrs
76.35 $
Avast PRO - 2yrs
Avast PRO - 2yrs
59.68 $
Avast PRO - 1yr
Avast PRO - 1yr
41.15 $